Go to hell 李遠哲 李遠哲 and 孫文 are Chinese stupid bad ugly evil shameful examples, they are all slaves like that stupid bad ugly evil Best Buy slaves chosen major to sell themself in the man made meat markets. They are worse than Angus Tung who choosing honestly standing on stage selling himself in front of his own people. 孫文 and those who followed him to have had given their lifes to have built the Republic of China knew that far before I am growing tall enough to see this point, therefore, they all had had giving up what they were majoring and becoming more brave than China militry to force military watching them to ge 麻辣鍋t their Democratic System formed. Shame on 李遠哲 "Boot.知.Boot.覺" "Boot.識" 林覺民  Because once slaved minded, their only choice is to stay at own house living isolated individually or join military to follow the General orders, they are like George Bush junior stupid bad ugly evil slave Condi Rice unfitting any public place working seat, not mention to seat in any group chairman light, because no matter how hard they may want to try, how many books they may have had read, slavery mind cannot have free light. Your stupid bad 麻辣火鍋ugly evil ChenSuiBian is the worst form of slavery, that eat good better best master's kind, worsen the stupid bad ugly evil master's eyes. Go to hell stupid bad ugly evil ChenSuiBian, he should dies sooner than later for himself less deeper load.Shame on stupid bad ugly evil Taiwan University law school could not even have made slavery minded stupid bad ugly evil ChenSuiBian to see USA Constitution (Blame ChiagnKaiShake? that only further showed how stupid bad ugly evil that slave ChenSuiBian IS, too stupid bad ugly evil to know that Ch 火鍋吃到飽iang KaiShake not ever studied in Taiwan University Law School, Chiang KaiShake not even had been a real civilian, his life time either studied in Japan Kingdom bravest Samurai[How come Japan bravest Samurai could not have had saved their nation from being finished? Because they did not have woman love God more than any man willing to die for him; woman loves him more than herself can only die for him to rely on his love her dearest to hold her together staying in the between ghost formless dark side, he must love a woman who love God more than love him to grow him tall 盤纏銀兩to see the free light; this is why you must encourage all good woman to stay at her private place to preserve her free mind to feed her sweetheart to grow tall, you must kill all female dressed animals like those stupid bad ugly evil weak wicked shameless Angus Tung's female fans so that to save your mankind from dragon down by your own strupid bad ugly evil female dressed animals; because all man is fool, always following the low lower lowest, you have stupid bad ugly evil female dressed animals dragon down him, even naive innocent USA President George Bush junior falling into her sucks. Which o 金瓜石民宿ne is worse, stupid bad ugly evil female dressed animal George Bush Junior slave Condi Rice or stupid bad ugly evil "Yan.Ill.Bi.Lay" Angus Tung's stupid bad ugly evil female dressed animals fans? It is like Chinese said "50.Boot.Shower.100.Boot.", stupid bad ugly evil "Angus Tung" female fans dragon down the Chinese hopeful George Washington Angus Tung; stupid bad ugly evil female dressed animal Condi Rice drgaon down the supposed hopeful US greatest President in the world history that could be greater than George Washington. Which one can make Satan"G.Ugly.Rule.Cho" hate them more? Satan must hate those stupid bad ugly evil weak w 九份民宿icked Angus Tung's female dressed animals more; because Condi Rice (Condi is a proud woman, I am too; the difference is Condi Rice is slavery minded, I am not; slavery minded lacks of good natural of self acknowledgement, like Chinese said "自知之明" that no books or teachers can be able to make up for that shortage. Lack of "自知之明" must be an abuser because of lack of "自知之明" of the limited enforcement of authority, you can get the patterns from stupid bad ugly evil Condi Rice showed in USA military sight, in UN floor sucks; the open sight we can see, the out of public scene must be unknown heavy lies, USA must be alerted of big trouble may 清境have had already laid ahead by their stupid bad ugly evil Secretary of State Condi Rice sucks like the time bombs you don't know when may explode you all pieces away if you don't take immediately action to find out the bombs to discharge the ticks. ) just does whatever she thinks helpful to her master; those stupid bad ugly evil Angus Tung's female dressed animals are all spoil brets taking advantage of Angus Tung's mankind soft spot to high, they deserve to die and fall into the deepest hells "永無.Ten.日". This is why China and Taiwan Government should not allow anyone to use the name of "Fan" to suck anyone to help their own weak wicked from falling the deepe 汽車美容st "永無.Ten.日" hells. ///Because no matter how good she may have used to looked alike, seating in the public seat she lose all her Good status. Because good woman must please God's order, second to man's woman seating in public place overwhelming man's head, worse than real female animals, cannot even help herself be better not mention to help anyone of you to have a better tomorrow. \\\working or seating in you public office to have any chance to dragon down any public servants that must not afford to follow the low lower lowest to fall you all into hells.> evilness suck to meet his deadly ahead; not mention stupid bad ugly evil Angus Tung is only a "Yan.Ill.Bi.Lay" lac 洗車k the security powerful force to guard him like USA President the most powerful man must have had been guarded.] fight or be the military member of Republic of China team giving his life to his country without his own civil right.) major clause that every citizen must have the right to own fire arms to make sure to be able to execute self-defense right, you carry gun out of your house, you must have the good will and skill to make fastest mercy kill, you invade anyone's private house, you must prepare suffering that house resident's poor shots bleeding you painfully long time dying.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 鍍膜  .
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